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Text Editor in DrRacket

To create a text editor with the DrRacket language, I first needed to understand the basics of the language, including recursive functions. Then, I started by defining the basic structure of the editor using functions like “define-struct” and “make-editor.”

Next, I created functions for basic text editing operations like inserting and deleting characters, moving the cursor, and selecting text. I used recursive functions to handle these operations, allowing the functions to call themselves until the desired outcome was achieved.

To display the editor on the screen, I used the “big-bang” function, which creates a graphical interface that responds to user inputs. I also added features like syntax highlighting and auto-indentation, using regular expressions and other techniques to recognize and format code.

Finally, I tested the editor to ensure it was working as expected, fixing any bugs or errors that arose. The end result was a functional text editor created entirely with the DrRacket language, thanks to its support for recursive functions and other advanced programming techniques.

Skills: DrRacket