My academic journey has been a dynamic exploration encompassing diverse topics of research, ranging from the energy sector to new mycological discoveries.

Haelewaters Lab – Ghent University

Currently engaged in the Beetlehangers project in collaboration with Ghent University, my focus is on mapping the distribution of a newly discovered fungus, Hesperomyces harmoniae. This venture involves a plethora of tasks, including cleaning, manipulating, and visualizing samples using Python and Excel. From validating data through Python’s geocoding library to implementing web-scraping techniques for automated data collection from Flickr, my role in this project has been integral in unraveling the mysteries of this unique fungus that grows on beetles. 3,286 total records were aggregated from various sources (iNaturalist, Naturgucker, Flickr, Twitter, etc.) and it was determined that Hesp. harmoniae is now in 33 countries in 5 continents. The number of records has increased greatly since the first study conducted on this new species (only 163), showcasing the power of citizen science in discovering and mapping novel species.

A novel study focusing on the distribution of Hesperomyces fungi on bat flies across Central America. I am responsible for preliminary and geospatial analysis of 17,000+ bat fly samples.

Publications: harmonizing host–parasite records of Harmonia axyridis and Hesperomyces harmoniae

Haelewaters Lab – Harvard University

A preliminary study conducted in my high school years, I assisted Dr. Danny Haelewaters at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA in various methods of data collection and analysis. I helped collect data from citizen science sources such as iNaturalist and compile it into Excel spreadsheets to be analyzed. A total of 163 records were compiled from 2017 to 2019, and it became the first novel database for the new species Hesperomyces harmoniae.


Tracking an ectoparasitic fungus of Harmonia axyridis in the USA using literature records and citizen science data.

Sustainability and Social Change Lab – Northeastern University

Simultaneously, my role as a research assistant in the Sustainability and Social Change Lab has broadened my horizons. Here, I’ve delved into the complex intersections of labor union discourse on Twitter and speeches related to climate change. Employing advanced data analysis techniques using Python, R, and Qualtrics, I’ve scraped, analyzed, and deciphered information from websites using Python and Excel. This multifaceted process involves not only running summary statistics and conducting Topic Modeling but also performing sentiment analysis and natural language processing to unravel the underlying themes and content within the tweets and speeches.

These experiences have not only honed my skills in data analysis, programming, and research but have also deepened my understanding of the pivotal role data plays in shedding light on crucial social and environmental issues. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to contribute to meaningful research projects, bringing together my expertise in Python, data manipulation, and web development.