Category: Machine Learning

  • Billboard Top 100 Analysis

    Billboard Top 100 Analysis

    More to come!

  • Analysis of J&J Stock Data with Python

    Analysis of J&J Stock Data with Python

    Using Python, the stock data of Johnson and Johnson, a well known pharmaceuticals company was analyzed, before and after the Covid-19 outbreak. Data was collected via J&J reports and Yahoo! Finance, and was aggregated with Python and plotted as a time-series graph. Summary statistics were ran and correlation matricies were derived, with multiple features being…

  • Recipe Recommendation System

    Recipe Recommendation System

    The main goal of the recipe recommendation system was to develop a user-friendly dashboard that recommended healthy and tasty recipes to college students based on their preferences and nutritional needs. To achieve this goal, I started by cleaning and preprocessing the recipe dataset from Kaggle, which included over 50,000 recipes with directions, ingredients, reviews, and…

  • National Park Trail Recommendation System

    National Park Trail Recommendation System

    The National Park Recommendation System is a data project that I worked on with a team as part of my studies at Northeastern University. The goal of this project was to develop a recommendation system that could suggest National Park trails to users based on their preferences. To achieve this, we first collected data on…

  • SSC Research at Northeastern University

    SSC Research at Northeastern University

    As a research assistant in the Sustainability and Social Change Lab, at Northeastern University, my role has been to assist in various aspects of research, including experimental design, data analysis, content analysis, literature reviews, and running studies using Python, R, and Qualtrics. One of the most interesting aspects of this project has been the opportunity…